Berlin’s Tesla plant gets exciting news and beer?

Elon Musk introduces “Gigabeer” to the Tesla plant in Berlin

By: Jake Rajala

The eccentric, utterly wealthy, and savvy entrepreneur Elon Musk likes to bring an interesting presence “wherever” he goes. Well, Musk made an appearance at Tesla’s Germany factory this previous weekend and he didn’t fail to lighten up the crowd

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO announced that he aims to start production of its Model Y cars by the end of 2021. Furthermore, the fearless CEO stated that his elegant car company could be producing 10,000 vehicles weekly by the end of 2022. 

It is exciting news to be exonerated by Musk. However, it is still “news”. There’s good reason to believe that Model Y cars should begin being constructed by the end of 2021, but 10,000 vehicles being laid out weekly by the end of 2022 is hard to fathom. Plus, Musk has been rigorously off with many predictions — statements about driverless cars taking over the world this decade and his space company potentially reaching the Red Planet in 2024 have been expressed by the world’s wealthiest man. 

So, Germany and Elon Musk stans are clearly aware of Elon Musk’s plans to bring prominence to the Tesla plant in Germany. However, there was another bang that Musk brought forth to the Germans in attendance. After Musk stated his plans for the factory, Musk then proudly stated “We are going to have a beer”. 

The name of the Tesla beer in Germany was unveiled last weekend. “Gigabeer”, was to be the luxurious name of the exciting Tesla beverage. Musk, who made “Teslaquila”, rightfully created a beer for the genesis of the Berlin factory. 

Musk spontaneously revealed what the “Gigabeer” was going to look like in this weekend’s Tesla event. 

Like all of Musk’s designs, the design of the bottle looks spewed out of a futuristic film. The design clearly has a potent, yet unique image — like the Tesla cars.

It should have been known that Musk may bring a unique element to his presentation. The question is: what would Musk surprise his crowd with? Well, the “Paper City” wasn’t just given thrilling Tesla news, but the European country that consumes the 10th most alcohol in the country was given an alien-like drink to add to their collection.