Buy, Hold, Sell: Elite RB edition

Buy Giants RB Saquon Barkley NOW

By: Zach Kurt

Many people are in Panic mode 2 weeks into the season and I am going to address 3 Rbs drafted as top 12 RBs in most dynasty startups this year. The three backs I am going to highlight are Saquon Barkley, Clyde Edwards-Helaire (CEH), Antiono Gibson (Gibby). These are some high-profile guys who have had a less than stellar start to the 2021 season. As a dynasty owner, what are you supposed to do with these assets? I will tell you!

Saquon Barkley (RB-NYG) BUY!!

This one is the easiest decision of the three for me and it’s not particularly close. Saquon is the best running back in the NFL when healthy. He is a great pure runner of the ball and a pass-catching savant. He can turn any play into a TD and you don’t get that ability from many RB’s in the NFL (CMC, Henry, Dalvin, Saquon). He has been on a slow start this season. The man is coming off an ACL tear.

Let’s get some perspective here. Jamaal Charles tore his ACL in 2011 and in 2012 his first 2 games totaled 25 touches. Saquon in his first 2 games tallied 26 touches. It is okay to start slow as a skill player coming off this injury. If people are worried about him you absolutely should buy him he is the best running back in the NFL when healthy and he is a few weeks from being there. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB-KCC) Hold

CEH was heavily hyped a lot this offseason with the upgrades to the Chiefs O-line. Through two games in pass-heavy game scripts, CEH has been involved but not what you want for the workhorse back we were expecting him to be. It has been ugly for CEH thus far and despite the game scripts not being in his favor, he hasn’t impressed on any front. I believe that his trade value has taken a gigantic hit in the last two weeks that it is not smart to trade him right now. I have a few shares of CEH and have sent some offers out and the return I have been looking at is Chase Edmonds and Myles Gaskin. He is absolutely not worth selling for that. Wait for him to get a great majority of touches in a positive game script and his price will rocket back up because he is on the Cheifs.

Antonio Gibson (RB-WFT) SELL

Over this offseason, Antonio Gibson may have been the most hyped player in the fantasy community. People have been calling him CMC 2.0, Believing he would get a similar role to CMC. I had a lot of red flags when it came to this claim with Gibby and through a two-week sample, they seem to be coming true. J.D. McKissic was still there and was going to be the 3rd down back, Gibson was in for touchdown regression, and the more touches he saw his efficiency started to drop. All of those things have been happening two weeks in and I am a firm believer that they continue to happen. If you can sell Gibby for Saquon, Chubb, or David Montgomery I would sell Gibson for any of those guys very quickly. 

These first two weeks of NFL action have been peculiar but I believe that some of the evidence we have seen on the field is telling. None of what I have laid out here is a guarantee however sometimes it pays to buy low and sell high. Like I always say, send trade offers because Dynasty Never Rests.

Dynasty RBs to trade away

Top dynasty RBs to trade away right now

By Jesse Moeller via JMoeller05

After the chaos in the NFL we saw in week 1, I wanted to give you a list of players I am looking to trade away in dynasty. Unfortunately, I do not see these players holding the current value long-term, otherwise known as depreciating assets. Given this is dynasty, instead of listing only older running backs, I wanted to mention a couple of veterans and a few young running backs that I do not see living up to the billing. For this article, we will be using the dynasty rankings on the DLF website.

The Vets

Derrick Henry RB7

Henry is the biggest name to trade away in dynasty among all running backs. If you can get the value of a top 7 running back, you should move him immediately. The issue with Henry is his inflated rushing volume and nonexistent pass-catching, which limits Henry in PPR leagues. In addition, it makes Henry a game script dependant running back, where if the Titans fall behind as they did in week one, it practically takes Henry out of the game.

Henry has a very high ceiling only exceeded by the elite pass-catching running backs in fantasy, and my issue is more with Henry’s floor as it is much lower than other top-tier running backs. Let’s take game one and break it down to show you my point. Henry ran the ball 17 times in a blowout loss. That may seem like a lot, but that is one of Henry’s lowest totals of the past two seasons. He only has five performances with less than 17 rushes in that period. Now, if you spread that out throughout a 16 game season, you see the big picture issue for Henry. His season total rushing comes out to 272 attempts, which is 106 attempts lower than his 2020 pace. If you gave Henry the same efficiency, his rushing totals come out to 1,457 yards and 12 touchdowns, a whopping 570 fewer rushing yards and five touchdowns fewer. That’s a significant blow to Henry’s value and would crater his dynasty value if that scenario plays out. Given Henry was drafted at his ceiling, advanced age, and has a new offensive coordinator calling plays, he is the name I am screaming to trade away while he still carries that elite fantasy value.

Mike Davis RB31

The Falcons brought over Derrick Henry’s offensive coordinator, so it must be wheels up for Mike Davis, right? There was a lot to like about the hire of Arthur Smith and why teams with Davis rostered had to be excited going into the year. The Falcons did not spend high draft capital or big money on a free agent to give Davis competition as the lead back this year. It set up for Davis to smash a second consecutive year, or at least that was the thought behind buying into Mike Davis this year.

My issue is that the Falcons do not resemble the Titans on offense and should not deploy Davis in that role because it is not in the Falcons’ strengths as a team on offense. Instead, you have Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, and Kyle Pitts. Those are the big names in fantasy this year, paired with a far inferior offensive line. It is not an ideal fit for Mike Davis to exceed expectations. The Falcons have a worse defense and questions marks on the line. I don’t see how that setup is strong for Davis this year from a fantasy perspective.

The problem for Davis is that he feels like a ticking time bomb this year in dynasty. If Arthur Smith does not adjust to his talent, it could spell doom for Davis. The sooner you do it, the better. The Buccaneers are in town this week, and it could be a long game for the Falcons. I would be happy to move Davis for the cost of a top 30 dynasty running back.

Young Bucks

Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB12

I have never understood the CEH hype, as people draft him due to the situation and not talent. It is how you set yourself up for failure as a dynasty manager—propping up worse players due to where they were drafted or signed as free agents. With CEH, the signs are there for us to take notice. What continues to concern me about him is the lack of targets, CEH’s calling card in college. His ability to be a pass-catching weapon. The community thought he would explode attached to Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Instead, it was an up and down rookie year with a disappointing finish that stuck in the craw of managers. The problem is that CEH stayed in the top 12 RB range this offseason. Meaning for CEH to live up to expectations, he needed to produce high-end fantasy numbers.

I have seen enough from CEH to move on to get the return of an RB1 in dynasty. Whether you are a win-now or in a rebuild, you can pivot off of CEH to better options. Talk to a team with Sanders, Ekeler, Dobbins, Williams, or Montgomery and see if you can get that player+ in a return trade. I happily make that type of move to give me a boost for the short and long term.

Michael Carter RB24

If you bought into the hype of Carter, you were likely feeling good about the situation during the offseason. The problem is that when you boost players up due to the landing spot, it tends to bite you in the butt more often than not. Unfortunately, Carter, much like CEH, falls under this category. There are monumental red flags with Carter at the moment. He has fallen behind Ty Johnson and Tevin Coleman on the depth chart as the RB3 on his team. Suppose a player such as Carter cannot earn a role as a rookie, that makes me want to push the clock back another year or find a player similarly valued to try and trade-off Carter. The short-term and long-term prospects are murky at best. With the Jets’ offensive line issues, I do not want a Jets running back this year. I view the move as getting out before the floor collapses under this type of player in dynasty.

Think of the times you have held onto a player too long, and the value evaporated on your roster. I would much rather make a move and get a substantial return instead of being left holding the bag while you become a truther for this player.

Dynasty flex players to trade for

Here are your dynasty flex players to acquire

By: Keith James

The NFL is back and it is better than ever. The beauty of the NFL is that it is a week-to-week game. One week a team or a player looks great, the next week not so much. Such is life in the NFL. In a dynasty, fantasy owners can win by buying the dip. Human beings are emotional creatures. We don’t always follow logic. This is never more true than in fantasy football. People take this seriously and they get angry when their players don’t perform. 

Use that anger to your advantage. Look for young players that didn’t perform where a fantasy manager may throw their hands up and say, I’m going to cut bait on this player. This is how fantasy managers can buy productive assets on the cheap. 

This week I will give three players that can be used in the flex position that fantasy managers can buy cheaper than before the season. 

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, 23 years old

Aiyuk was a mystery on Sunday. There were reports that he has been dealing with injuries all off-season but he was healed up enough to suit up against the lowly Lions on Sunday. Given the 49ers history of spreading the wealth, I cautioned fantasy owners on Aiyuk in week one. In what should have been a smash spot for the talented 2nd-year player, I was concerned that the Niners were going to spread the wealth and Aiyuk could be the odd man out solely based on his injury. 

Something else seemed to be afoot with both Brando Aiyuk and Trey Sermon and there were reports both payers may have been in Kyle Shanahan’s doghouse for missing curfew. Who knows. Either way, Brandon Aiyuk watched as his fellow WR running mate, Deebo Samuel went bonkers against the Lions atrocious pass defense. Deebo had 9 grabs on 12 targets for 189 yards and a long 79-yard touchdown. Of course, he also had a terrible late-game fumble. Still, BA had to watch as his fellow receiver went crazy and Aiyuk was left with zero targets. That’s not good. 

Aiyuk will likely still be seen by fantasy managers as a great young receiver. He had 15.4 fantasy points per game last year because Aiyuk is electric with the ball in his hands. After week one, however, some of the shine may have worn off. I threw out some offers for Aiyuk to fellow league mates and I recommend you do the same. He is still a player that can have a top 24 season this year and in only his second year, he can become a fantasy scoring machine if he stays healthy and grows up. The cost will likely be high but I would offer a first-round pick for Aiyuk and try to pry an exciting young player from your league mates hands on the back of a pathetic week one show. 

Javonte Williams RB, 21 years old

Get Javonte as soon as you can! I would try to get Javonte this week before he goes crazy against the Jags and becomes all but untouchable. More than likely fantasy managers will not want to part with Javonte. Fantasy managers know that Melvin Gordon will likely be a PITA for Javonte the entire year. Managers are waiting for the year two ascension and may scoff at any Javonte offers but the fact remains Javonte played second fiddle to MG3 against the Giants. As much as I love Javonte’s talent, MG3 was by far the better back on Sunday. 

Gordon had 101 yards on only 11 attempts (9.2 YPC) and looked just as explosive as he did in his Chargers days. Javonte did not look great. He looked tentative and was bottled up for only 45 yards on 14 carries. It was encouraging to see the snaps split evenly between the two backs (they both had a 50% snap share) but the 28-year-old Gordon looked explosive and the 21-year-old Williams looked plodding. 

This is the best time to strike for Javonte. As I stated, his cost will not be cheap. Dynasty owners likely invested a lot in Javonte but like Aiyuk he may have lost his shine and if a fellow league mate is a contender that just so happens to have Williams, there may be a deal to be had for a more established RB and a pick. I would strike sooner rather than later however because up next, the Broncos take on the lowly Jags. The Jags of course were demolished by what many people think is the worst roster in the NFL in the Texans. With Denver more than likely taking a commanding lead in week two against Denver, Javonte may get enough run to put up gaudy numbers. 

This may be the last chance to get what could be a top ten back in the NFL over the next three years. If a team has any interest in selling, I am trying to buy Javonte right now. His schedule at the end of the season could make patient Javonte owner league winners. With Gordon’s history of getting beat up and missing games, this could be Javonte’s backfield to own by week 10. I’d be willing to offer a player like Chris Carson and a first-round pick to land Javonte. As I say, he won’t be cheap but he will be worth whatever it takes to pry him from your league mates hands. 

Courtland Sutton WR, 25 years old

Sutton had a bad game against the Giants. Lining up against James Bradberry is never easy and Jerry Jeudy was the star receiver in this game; until his injury. With Jeudy suffering a high ankle sprain and landing on IR, his entire season is likely toast. Remember Michael Thomas last year. Even if Jeudy comes back he will likely be hobbled the rest of the year. High ankle sprains are killers for playmakers. This is the time to strike on Courtland Sutton. 

Sutton of course is working back from his own devastating injury. Sutton blew out his ACL early in the season last year and will likely take a few weeks for him to regain his confidence and explosion. Sutton was on his way to becoming one of the best young receivers in the game in 2020. Coming off of an impressive 2019 season, Sutton blew out his knee all too early. Injuries suck. Sutton owners are likely frustrated and are wondering if Sutton will ever come back. He only had 1 grab for 14 yards on 3 targets. Steady Teddy Bridgewater will spread the wealth and he found guys like Tim Patrick, Noah Fant, and Albert Okwuegbunam against the Giants. Combined those three players had 13 grabs on 15 targets for 117 yards and two touchdowns. It seemed as though everyone but Sutton had a good game for the Broncos. 

Sutton may take some time but with Jeudy going down, Sutton has the opportunity to be a true alpha in Denver. Playing against the Jaguars this week, he could be in line for a monster game. I would throw out some offers for Sutton and see if there are any bites. Again, strike before the player goes off. Denver should manhandle the Jaguars fairly easily this week as 6 point favorites on the road. Both Williams (pricey) and Sutton (cheap) could be had for a discounted price but if they blow up against the Jaguars forget about it. Remember, human beings are emotional. Both good and bad. The strike will Sutton has put a bad taste in his fantasy managers mouth and your team could have a high-end WR2 this year and for years to come. 

Dynasty sells after Week 1

Sell Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski

By Zach Kurt

There is always a week of overreaction in the first week of the season and as smart fantasy managers, you should take advantage of the overreactions. There are also a lot of panic trades (products of the overreactions) in the first few weeks of the season. PAY ATTENTION TO INJURIES and if someone had Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starting QB in Superflex, then sell high on a mediocre QB. Also, watch for the players dropped on waivers! Paying attention to the overreactions, waiver wire transactions, and injuries allow you to sell high and make a profit from these specific individuals. 

Antonio Brown had an absolutely monster game and has been one of the best to ever play the game. However, I do believe he is the 3rd target in this offense and is just a 1-year rental. Brown is 33 years old, he has a troublesome past and this is likely Brady’s last year. Not a lot of WR’s are fantasy relevant at 34 years old. I just saw Brown get traded for a 1st and a 2nd in dynasty. This is an absolute overpay which is why you can sell high because he is AB. People are buying into the narrative of him being vintage AB. Sell, Sell, Sell!

We have seen the Sam Darnold Robby Anderson connection before and it was not lucrative. Robby was an absolute PPR machine last year. He filled a role on that team that was missing due to CMC’s absence. Now CMC is back, D.J. Moore is the WR1, and Terrace Marshall had double the amount of targets in comparison to Robby’s targets. Robby had one monster 12 point play but besides that one play he put up a goose egg. If you are going to sell Robby do it as fast as you can. He is the #4 option on this offense and that is just not something I want as well as it seemed to work this week..

The leader of the texans backfield has arrived. Mark Ingram had a lot of volume on Sunday. He accumulated  25+ carries as well as a score on the ground. In a crowded backfield, he seemed to get the edge. However, this will more than likely be the only team they beat this year. This is why they had such a run-heavy game script. Ingram may be the “lead back” but all 3 backs had a TD and all had decent involvement. To me this means it is going to be split up every game and Ingram will be used in positive game scripts Like I said above this may be the only team that they have a positive game script against. I would sell as high as you can although for a 31-year-old RB on a very bad team you aren’t likely to get a huge return.

Gronk looked like vintage Gronk against a very bad team this week. However, I don’t believe he is in prime Gronk form. Everyone in fantasy absolutely loved Gronk he was similar to Kelce just more TD-heavy! He is a 1-year asset and is the 4th target on the team. A crowded WR room and a crowded TE room for Gronk screams sell him on nostalgia. This isn’t 2016 as much fun as that would be!

Tyrod Taylor has gotten replaced every season over the past couple of years. It could happen again this year. Now I like Tyrod as a player but there is nothing special about him. Tyrod is a mobile QB that can throw the ball accurately enough to pass as a starter in the NFL. the Texans drafted David Mills and with my projection of the Texans being one of the worse teams in the NFL I believe he will assume the starting role at some point this season. I say that because at some point they will be knocked out of playoff contention and they need to see what they have in mills before they grab a high capital QB in the 2022 draft! Go find the guy that just lost Fitzpatrick and offer him a “Steal” on Tyrod.

Now I don’t expect you to get an absolute bounty for any of these players. I do expect many of these players to lose value over the course of the season. They all have great opportunities to sell on. Don’t forget to pay close attention to those transactions and injuries.. It is a way to take your league by storm and sell high. As always send those trade offers because DYNASTY NEVER RESTS!

Mark Andrews Dynasty Outlook

By Chris Moore (Twitter: @fantasy_moore)

Andrews Signs Extension

The Ravens wasted no time locking up one of their star offensive players before the season began. Mark Andrews signed an extension with the Ravens for $56 million over four years. Andrews is already one of the most dangerous tight ends in the NFL, and the Ravens have smartly locked up one of their talented offensive weapons for years to come. Andrews will remain a big target for the Ravens’ passing game over the next couple of seasons.

2021 Fantasy Projection

So, what’s in store for Andrews in 2021? I believe Andrews is in store for a huge season for the Ravens in 2021. Andrews was still good from a fantasy perspective in 2020, but he finished as the TE6 in PPR leagues. It was disappointing for fantasy managers that drafted Andrews with the expectation he would finish in the top 3. Andrews underperformed his ADP in 2020, but I expect him to get back to top-five fantasy production in 2021.

Andrews should open the year as Lamar Jackson’s number one target in the passing game. Due to all of the injuries the Ravens currently have. The Ravens did make it a priority to bring in more weapons this off-season. Sammy Watkins and impressive rookie Rashod Bateman are both banged up. Bateman will miss the first couple of weeks of the 2021 season, as the Ravens placed him on short-term IR. With Bateman set to miss the first couple of weeks of the season and Watkins already struggling with injuries, I expect Jackson to lean heavy on Andrews in the passing game this year. Andrews may see closer to 100 targets this season, similar to his 2019 season. Andrews led the Ravens in receiving in 2019, and I believe he has the chance to repeat that this year.

2021 prediction: TE4

Future Outlook

There’s no question Mark Andrews remains one of the top fantasy TE’s you can have on your roster. Andrews is among the elite group of tight ends in fantasy, and he will remain in that group for the following years to come. Andrews will be a part of the Ravens’ young core of offensive players, including Lamar Jackson, J.K. Dobbins, Marquise Brown, and Rashod Bateman. While the Ravens have shown over the past few season’s they are a run-heavy team. Andrews has been able to find fantasy success in this offense before. Andrews led all fantasy tight ends in touchdowns in 2019 and finished with the 4th most in 2020.

Andrews is an elite fantasy TE who belongs in the second tier of fantasy TEs. With the Ravens locking up their premier tight end for the future, Andrews should remain a top fantasy tight end in dynasty for the next couple of seasons. We don’t know the status of Lamar Jackson’s future in Baltimore yet. It is expected the Ravens resign Jackson. Andrews is a part of the top six dynasty tight ends, and I expect him to remain on that list over the next few years.

Dynasty Ranking: TE6

Dynasty: 3 QBs to trade away NOW

Trade away Carson Wentz


Yes! the 2021 NFL season is a week in the books. However, dynasty football is a year-round marathon. There’s so much work that goes into watching games, analyzing the tape, studying tendencies, etc. to draft players in dynasty leagues that will help build your squad over the long run.

Much like the NFL hitching your wagon to the right QB will do wonders for your team and allow you to build from the ground up. Today we’ll discuss a couple of QBs that you want to trade away on your dynasty teams. These are players that I’m projecting to not be in ideal spots for the long haul thus will not pay dividends in dynasty leagues. Let’s get started!


Carson Wentz – Now, I expect Wentz to have an okay season and he will probably start every game. He has one of the best offensive lines in front of him and improved talent around him from a year ago. However, since we are talking dynasty QBs, Wentz isn’t an option long term.

It’s not that Wentz doesn’t produce solid numbers, however, he isn’t that oomph he had before his ACL and LCL tear in his left knee in 2017. Wentz also doesn’t provide the rushing upside as most of these younger QBs have. He is limited to being a pocket QB with limited mobile upside. With a shift in the league with how GMs are drafting QBs it makes the most sense to trade away Wentz, get decent draft capital back for him and trade for younger rookie QBs or wait til the 2022 NFL to draft a replacement.

Wentz may really not be the best short-term QB as “some” may have foreseen. Wentz was slightly a game manager against an okay Seattle defense from a year ago. If Wentz doesn’t play above average this year, it should be expected that he won’t have strong job security with his contract — not to mention the roster built for a QB to win now.

Daniel Jones – This is a make-or-break year for Jones. He has enough offensive talent around him along with Saquon Barkley returning. There is no excuse for Jones not to step up and deliver. However, the question is will he?? Simple answer is, no!

Jones is behind an awful offensive line. This is a huge concern and has been for a while now. I just don’t see Jones getting rid of the fumble/turnover issues that have plagued him for his first two seasons in the NFL. At this point, it might be time to cut bait and start over. There are so many talented rookie QBs this season that much greater talent around them and opportunity that Jones isn’t worth holding onto any longer.

In Week 1, Jones showed his lack of explosion as he just had 267 yards and a single touchdown. Jones has weapons galore and he’s young, so take that to your advantage in selling him now!

Jalen Hurts – Staying in the NFC East, Hurts is another QB that you need to trade away. He has tremendous upside in fantasy with his rushing ability and had a great last season last year but Hurts isn’t the long-term answer in dynasty leagues. I really don’t see much talent arm-wise.

Hurts actually played quite well last week. I don’t expect him to maintain a high quality of play or the HC-QB combo to have a fruitful career in the city of brotherly love. Although, there are A LOT of die hard Hurts fans and they sincerely bought into the hype he gathered from lots of analysts this offseason. Now after a solid Week 1 showcase against the atrocious Falcons pass defense, I would ship him off your roster.


As mentioned above in the intro, it takes time to scout good talent, especially in the quarterback position. However, if you are holding onto QBs like the ones above just because of one or two decent seasons then you aren’t planning correctly for the future of your dynasty squad. A huge part of the dynasty is to know when to cut bait, take your losses and move on. Sure, this can be time-consuming and a bit annoying but hey, it’s just fantasy! Have fun and enjoy being a GM!

By: Sukhwant Singh

Twitter: SinghisKing908

3 sleeper QBs to trade for in Dynasty

Trade for Saints QB Jameis Winston

By: Keith James

Down But Not Out

The NFL season is upon us and with that, we are aiming to improve our fantasy teams. In redraft, we are scrambling to make trades that will set us up for the current season. In dynasty leagues, managers should focus on setting up their teams for the next three years. No matter where a team is in the dynasty process, whether a team is rebuilding, in contention, or somewhere in between, there is always room to improve. In this article, I will give managers three sleeper quarterbacks to trade for in your dynasty league.

Jameis Winston

Now that Jameis Winston has won the quarterback job for the Saints, he is primed to revitalize his career. Winston of course was the top overall pick in 2016 and had an up and down career with the Bucs before leaving for New Orleans last year. Winston has the talent. There have always been questions about his character, his maturity level, and his leadership skills. There have also been questions about his turnover problem.

Winston is in the rare company becoming the first player to ever throw for 30 touchdowns and throw for 30 interceptions in one year. That is hard to do. Most quarterbacks would have been benched well before hitting 20 interceptions let alone 30 but Bruce Arians had few options other than play Winston and hope for the best. That lead to a 7-9 season and Winston was bounced from the Bay.

Going to New Orleans, Winston wanted to revitalize his career. Studying under Sean Payton and Drew Brees for a year, I believe Winston will once again show he is able to deliver. The Saints might have found gold. With reports that Jameis had eye surgery to correct his vision, paired with his big arm and his ability to move around in the pocket, Winston will be primed for fantasy gold once again. Remember, even though Winston threw 30 picks in 2019, he was still QB4 that year with over 5,000 yards passing and 33 touchdowns. Winston can play, the question is has he grown up? Can he hit deep shots and not turn the ball over? Can he lead an offense with suddenly few playmakers down in the bayou? I say yes.

Winston is worth a 2nd round pick in either 2022 or 2023. I would try to pair a player and a 2nd round pick for Winston and another player. Get Jameis on your squad and watch fantasy goodness for a cheap price for the next 3-5 years.

Zach Wilson

I will be the first to admit, I was not a Zach Wilson fan. I didn’t think he could play outside of the MAC where BYU was able to dominate. When I watched Wilson, I saw a talented kid that had all day to throw. He was fairly exposed by Coastal Carolina in the one game where BYU played top-level competition and he looked extraordinarily ordinary.

Wilson has the arm talent to succeed in the NFL. Chris Simms is right, he can throw from any platform and he throws a beautiful deep ball. I was fairly biased in my evaluation and not knowing the kid personally, I thought a rich kid from Utah would struggle in the big apple. I was wrong.

Wilson will not be dominant out of the gates but I love the coaching staff with the Jets. They hit a home run with coach Saleh and I think Mike LaFleur will be able to maximize Wilson’s talents. He will not wow folks in the beginning and this is when you strike. Most fantasy teams were able to get Wilson as a low-round first-round pick or a high second-round pick so he is not seen as a top-level asset. Wait until Wilson struggles a bit out of the gates and then offer a player and a 2nd round pick for Wilson. He may even be worth a later first-round pick if you believe your team is in contention. The kid can play and he will be worth investing a lower-valued asset in exchange for a franchise QB, able to put up big numbers by year two or three in NYC.

Jordan Love

As a Bears fan, it pains me to say this but Jordan Love isn’t bad. He may not be Favre or Rodgers good, but Jordan Love has talent. He reminds me a lot of Trey Lance. Both players are big, strong, lanky QB’s that can throw the ball a mile. Love is raw but comes next year, he could be a top 15 fantasy asset.

The game is changing. Running QB’s are indeed a Konami cheat code. If a QB can pick up 400 yards on the ground that is a 35 point advantage they have over passing QBs. That means that passing QB’s would have to throw either 6 more touchdowns than the running QB or 800 yards more passing than a running QB. Or some combination of the two. The point is more would have to go right for passing QB’s to be successful in fantasy than for running QB’s. This is where Jordan Love’s skillset makes sense.

He is all but forgotten about and he can definitely be an asset to your team. He shouldn’t cost much these days. There isn’t a lot of hype around Jordan Love. Dynasty players know he is playing next year when Aaron Rodgers inevitably leaves but the talk around the NFL is that Love is far from ready. This means it’s time to pounce. By acquiring Love now for a 2nd round pick, a fantasy manager can lock up a starting NFL QB for the next 2-3 years minimum. Love would still have an offense with Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, and Robert Tonyan and a great offensive line. Matt LaFleur is a solid NFL coach and he will put together a scheme for Love to succeed.

Love having the luxury of sitting for two years and learning from one of the best QB’s to ever play the game in Aaron Rodgers will absolutely allow Jordan Love to thrive day one under center in 2022. This is where patience in dynasty leagues plays out. For a struggling team, you may be able to offer a 2nd round pick as they load up on picks for their rookie drafts next year and steal away a potential top 12-15 NFL QB that gives you downfield passing and the ability to chew up yardage on the ground. Go get yourself some love and love your dynasty team!

Which Dynasty assets will skyrocket in value in the next 8 weeks?

Two WRs, a RB, and a QB to buy in dynasty

By: Zach Hurts

Who here values talent, opportunity, and good situations? I have a few people that I view as values right now with all the stars are aligning for them. This is what I call a buy window. A buy window is a moment in time that allows you to trade for a player at their current price and reap the benefits when they breakout and skyrocket in value. There are a few players that I have been watching during the NFL and college that just seem poised for a big season in the NFL this year and beyond. 

First up is Jerry Jeudy! This man is one of the best route runners in the NFL and I don’t say that about very many players. I want to break Jerry Jeudy’s rookie season down for you he had 52 receptions for 856 yards and 3 touchdowns. A very solid rookie season at face value. However, let’s take a look at some advanced metrics. Jeudy had 26 uncatchable targets last season which happened to lead the NFL. If you want a percentage that is nearly 25% of his targets were uncatchable. Now I know that Jerry Jeudy struggled with some drops last year and that is a small cause for concern. Teddy Bridgewater should change the inaccuracy problems with the Bronco’s QBs last year. Bridgewater finished 5th in completion percentage last season. Jeudy will be Teddy’s #1 WR and is on his way to being an elite option at the WR position. 

This WR has been shadowed by Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase.  Terrace Marshall is going to burst onto the scene this year. He is 6’3’’ 205 and a physical freak. When Marshall was at LSU without Chase and Jefferson due to Chase opting out Marshall commanded 28% of the receptions 33% of the team yards and 59% of their receiving touchdowns. 59% percent of the receiving TD’s is extremely impressive and with D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson not being big red zone threats Marshall fits perfectly. When he was the #1 on his team he balled out and we will see that translate to the NFL similar to Justin Jefferson’s transition. He is on a similar offensive scheme to LSU he will start as the WR3 but will have the opportunity to surpass Anderson and be a top 2 receiving option on this team. He is very underpriced in dynasty and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send offers out on him. 

Similar to Jerry Jeudy this RB hails from the Alabama regime. Damien Harris ever since he has entered this league he has been an undervalued asset. In his rookie season unfortunately he sat on the bench all year and was not used heavily. Last season he was used in more of a starting RB towards the latter half of the year. He averaged over 5 YPC (Yards Per Carry) which is one of the better YPC in the NFL tied for 6th among RB’s. Last year Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel were involved in the run scheme and now they are both on different teams. Damien Harris will have most of the carries in this offense and will break 1000 yards on the ground this season barring injury. Cam Newton also took a large number of rushing TD’s last year making Harris’s TD upside limited. Harris is still being undervalued even with the backfield clearing up. He has little competition and could very likely see a three-down role. 

The last player on this list is a lean mean rushing machine that can also throw a deep ball with perfection. It’s not Russell Wilson, but It’s Jalen Hurts. Hurts was a beast in college who played very well in Alabama except for his first National Championship appearance which ended up losing him his job. He then came into the national championship the following year and led them to a victory. He transferred after he wasn’t the starter. He played lights out in Oklahoma and was second in the Heisman race behind Joe Burrow. This is very unmentioned. He had low accuracy in year one largely because his receiving core was bad.: Greg Ward, Alshon Jeffery, and Dallas Godert. His weapons are already drastically better. He was a beast on the ground having “12 rush attempts per game”. Hurts should continue to be effective. Outside of a new receiving core this year, he has had a whole year of training camp and preseason to develop and adjust to the speed of the NFL. He has the potential to be a top 5 QB in fantasy for several years to come but for some reason, he gets no respect. People love him in redraft but he will be a franchise QB, not just a 1 year transitional QB.

Overall all of these players have a lot of talent and have an immense opportunity to breakout. You want to buy them before the breakout happens. I am confident that all of these players have the situation, the opportunity, the talent to change their startup value by several rounds. As I always say send trades because Dynasty Never Rests!

Who is the WR1 in dynasty?

Is Davante Adams the best WR in dynasty?

By: Zach Kurt

Who is the best wide receiver in dynasty? I bet when I ask this question quite a few names pop into your head. Profiles like A.J. Brown, Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, and many more are in the running but who is the top dog? I was very curious about who the Fantasy community thought was the dynasty WR1. I didn’t just poll their number one WR, I polled their top five dynasty WRs and 90% of them had A.J. Brown, Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill, and Davante Adams. Other WRs included in the top 5 were: Calvin Ridley, DeAndre Hopkins, D.K. Metcalf, Ceedee Lamb, Stefon Diggs, Ja’Marr Chase, Terry McLaurin, Michael Thomas.

However, I am going to eliminate the list that I just shared. Not because they aren’t able to be the dynasty WR1 but the community seems to have narrowed it down to these 4 WRs. Each of these WRs were Hill, Adams, AJB, and Jefferson, who all received 20% of the top vote in the poll. It is fair to say that each one of these WRs has the talent, opportunity, and situations to be THE WR1 but there is only one. So who will it be? Let’s break down each player in terms of production, age, injury history, and future outlook.

First on the podium, is Tyreek hill. Hill is in the best offense and will be until he retires. He is 27 years old and is truly a beast at the position, as he has elite yards per catch, and has found the endzone 35 times the last 3 years. Plus he has a small rushing upside that none of these other guys have. Tyreek has a brief injury history and also has had some trouble with the law. Patrick Mahomes is throwing him the ball and that immediately puts him at the top of my list because he has the best QB of the group for the foreseeable future.

Next, Adams is a target machine and a red zone monster. If he was 25 I don’t think that there is any question about who the WR1 is. However, he is 28 and has an injury history and that is something that is taken into consideration when making this decision. Last season he had 149 targets in 14 games. Did I mention he is a red zone monster? 18 Tds in 14 games, that’s more than a TD a game. According to Adams has a 94% of an injury in 2021. The older he gets the more likely to increase that rate and at 94% that’s tough to rely on. When Adams is on the field he is the best fantasy WR in football. There is a chance that he and Rodgers don’t play together next year and that could have serious implications on his fantasy value.

Next is AJB stud WR who has a higher YPC than Tyreek. He is 24 years old and a solid red-zone option and has a great QB but not an elite one. Entering his third year his ceiling is very high. However, his targets don’t come very close to Hill and Adams. Brown has averaged less than 100 targets in his first two years. With Julio coming into the team it took the opportunity he had to be the Clear #1 on this team away. Tennessee also doesn’t throw the ball a lot and that makes AJB’s target share high but his volume of targets is low when comparing him to the other guys. He has had a few minor knee injuries over his career but nothing that has set him back more than a few weeks.

Finally, we have Justin Jefferson a breakout guy in year one 125 targets 1400 yards but only 7 TDs. JJeff is 22 years old and super safe because of his yardage floor. He is going to get the targets and do great things with them as we saw last year. A stipulation with Jefferson is that he has only done it one year, and could face regression. His TD’s seem to be a cause for concern only getting 7. Adam Theilen is a red zone monster but will slowly fade in the next few years. JJeff is the #1 target on his team and has room to grow! Can JJeff be better than he was last year? Absolutely he can, but the unknown is rough with him. Now as we look back at all 4 receivers all of them have some concerns and they all have incredible upside.

Have you figured out who the Dynasty WR1 should be? Drumroll, please! It’s not Adams, It’s not AJB……. It’s Justin Jefferson, with Tyreek a close second. Justin Jefferson in his rookie year with no training camp or preseason was a top 6 WR and he has room to grow and improve. He will be a top 5 WR in the NFL for the next 8-10 years. Tyreek and Adams will probably be better than JJeff over the next 2-3 years. However, JJeff will be right behind him, his competition for targets is slowing down and most WR’s show better results in year 2. Jefferson has longevity, he is elite, and has the best floor without an injury history.

Thank you for sticking with me to figure out who the Dynasty Wr1 Should be. While I still love all the WRs mentioned in the article and all of them have the potential to be the top dog, Jefferson is the clear answer for me. I hope this research helped inform your decision as well. As I always say, send trade offers because Dynasty Never Rests!

Dynasty: 3 sleeper RBs to trade for

Target RB Kenyan Drake

The dynasty fantasy football season is heating up as the 2021 NFL season approaches. It’s important for fantasy addicts to stay on their heels, as nobody expectedly takes days off in the 365-day gauntlet.

The most important fantasy position to prioritize is undoubtedly the running back spot. RBs highlight first rounds of drafts, likely fill out three starting spots, and there are many unheralded names to understand.

With that being stated, I’m going to outline three RB names that should be sought out in hopes of improving your late August roster. These RBs are underlooked, in golden situations, and will help your fantasy championship dreams in 2021. Let’s begin.

Kenyan Drake – Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are the perfect place for all-purpose back Kenyan Drake. The former Arizona Cardinal has a Top 3 TE in Darren Waller by his side, no go-to slot WR in the huddle, and the right mind with Jon Gruden calling the plays. Drake should be able to fit in quite well. Once Drake is in sync, number 4’s offense should excel. It’s no wonder why Drake stated that his offense “was going to space” earlier in July.

Kenyan Drake will be heavily involved, yet he won’t be called on to handle the load. Lots of screens, quick passes, and red zone touches will be on Drake’s plate in the near future. The revamped OL will take several weeks to get in sync. It would only make sense for the talented skat back to be very involved, particularly early on.

Everybody is watching Derek Carr and the LV Raiders compete in the Death Star this season. Expect the 27-year-old receiving back to be the right complement to Josh Jacobs for years to come and to be the true x-factor on the new-look Raiders offense.

Tony Pollard – Dallas Cowboys

Do not give up “close to a lot” for Tony Pollard, but the Dallas Cowboys RB2 in a healthy Dak Prescott’s offense will be a noticeable factor next season. Ezekiel Elliot had his first non-1,000-yard season in 2020 and his outlook is not the same. Expect Pollard, who shined well with the chance last season, to help the wear and tear on Zeke moving forward. Pollard flashed his electric ability in pre-season against the Texans a week ago.

The Cowboys were not in many positions to control the clock and play the game toward their strength last season. However, I expect the Cowboys with a healthy Tyron Smith upfront to return to dominating the ground game. Pollard will have a major uptick in involvement and production soon. Pollard will also cost truly little in such an exchange.

Trey Sermon – San Francisco 49ers

I love Trey Sermon’s outlook looking ahead. The SF 49ers will look to reclaim the top 3 rushing offenses they held in 2020 with rookie Trey Sermon at the RB throne. Raheem Mostert is a few years past his elite playing days, the other former Super Bowl RBs have left the room, and now rookie Sermon will take the load. Shanny made DeVonta Freeman transform from an average RB to an elite stud in Atlanta. The former WFT offensive coordinator also brought life to undrafted Alfred Morris’s career.

The darkhorse candidate for OROY by PFF has shown to be the true complement to the injury-prone Raheem Mostert. Mostert will take the reigns, but the 29-year-old RB that’s missed nearly half the season in two of the past three seasons has a far from daunting outlook.

Expect Sermon, who was drafted early for the RB spot, to be a major threat and OROY candidate in Shanahan’s well-oiled offensive machine. The 49ers also carry a “very young offensive attack” that should routinely be lighting up the scoreboards for the next several years.

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